Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Operation NullSec – Part 3 – Black Ops

To complete our NullSec PVP week, our PVP officer thought of something special. He himself called it: Operation Champion.

A few scouts explore surrounding systems in NS while the fleet is waiting for the signal to jump at a safespot, cloaked. As soon as a suitable target is found, our Sin (Gallente Black Ops) creates a distortion that allows us to jump directly to our target. Our victims are usually completely surprised and utterly out of their depth.

After such an attack the fleet has to move to another safespot and the Sin needs to stock up its jump fuel. Then the game starts again.
This gem will help us to jump directly to our targets
"Jump, jump, jump" -Only the Sin drops behind
The biggest coup we had at the beginning, when we shoot a Navy Dominix and a Navy raven while they were ratting.

"Cyno up", the Sin closes the gap on fleet

We also were able to shoot an Osprey Navy Issue, a Ferox, a Prophecy, another Ferox and a boring Iteron V. As a conclusion nothing worldshaking.Therefore it was realy easy doing just to wait for the jump command and shoot everything. Without any losses.
Viator as a mobile cloaked fuel depot
I a blog of Friends of Harassment there is a nice Video about a Black Ops - Fleet, I don't want do deny:


The corresponding Blog you can find >>here<<. (german)

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