Ninja Huffing - Gas Harvesting in Wormholes

Gas cloud harvesting in wormhole space is a doubtful pleasure. Either the sleepers in a gas site are weak and the gas valueless or you have to bring expensive ships to defeat them and get access to the more valueable gas clouds. Who ignores the sleepers and makes compromises in terms of total earnings is able to make fast ISK without risking a lot.
Venture - Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) had great success with this new ship designed for gas harvesting (image:
What means Ninja Huffing in detail?
Ninja Huffing describes the gas cloud harvesting in wormhole sites until the appearance of sleepers. 
Therefore you have at most 20 min time.

In all considerations we take a huffing performance of 160 m³ per minute (Venture with Mining Frigate V and T2 Gas Cloud Harvesters). Even new capsuleers are able to perform on that level within several days. Without T2 Haversters you don't even have to think about ninja huffing!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the most valuable gas off all?
All gas sites exhibit two different kinds of gases. At first, for ninja huffing purposes, we ignore the less valuable gas (with regard to the ISK/m³ value). Therefore I prepared a small table with the recent market data from Jita for you.

The most exciting on ninja huffing is not the 32 to 128 mill ISK/h you can earn in w-space but the great risk-rewad-relation. A complete fitted Venture shall cost around 5 mill ISK and the usage of expensive implants in wh space is not recommended at all. Also there is the possibility to quickly generate some ISKies what for you normally have to bring much more effort (time, skills and ship costs) in wh space.

But who is allways farming alone?
Clearing an instrumental site with 10 pilots at one - a dream with 400 mill in 20 min
Ninja Huffing as a crowd
Per Venture you are able to harvest up to 3,000 m³ Gas until sleeper ships arrive. So you don't want to jet-can-harvest or even fly back, drop your gas and return. In the case you are facing a valuable gas site with more than 3,000 m³ there is only one solution: bring your friends!

A (small) advantage against cloaked hostiles you can get positioning your ship in the middle of the cloud you are currently huffing. That provides the chance that the enemy is decloaking himself before getting close enough to takle your ship and you may get the time you need to escape.

As a basic literature i can recomment reading the Uni Wiki article "Gas in w-space".

To get the maximum out of ninja harvesting you have to scan for vital and intrumental gas sites in C5 and C6 wormholes. Just concentrate on huffing the C320 until the sleepers arrive.

This arctile was translated for BlueBux.


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