Ninja huffing as its best

It is possible to make 350 mill. ISK in 3 h while speed tanking the most valuable gas site in wormhole space – the instrumental core reservoir. I will tell you how and give you a suitable fitting. Let’s start with the very beginning.
Perfect specialized for huffing in wormhole space - the Prospect
1. Motivation 
A couple of weeks ago a corp mate told us about a venture kill where the victim was trying to speed tank a gas site. It is a rather interesting idea, especially for me as self-proclaimed ninja huffer. So I found a fitting suggestion on which was not yet tested. So I started to think about a proper fitting for the most valuable gas site: The Intrumental Core Reservoir.

2. Breaking the myth of sleeper’s omni-damage 
The four Sleepless Sentinel battleships deal 466 dps each. Therefore they use turrets (em and thermal) and missiles (explosive and kinetic). You can pretty easily avoid the turret damage (50 km 25 km falloff) by speed tanking (0.04 rad/sec tracking speed). Unfortunately it’s not possible to completely prevent your ship from taking any damage from the missiles. Only two types of damage left when you focus tanking the missiles via resists and shield recharge.

 3. A first try on the test server 
I designed a first fitting and started searching on Sisi for a C5/C6 to do an instrumental site within it. The first two sleepers appeared after 20 min and I successfully speed tanked them. Their maximum speed is 1,125 m/s and the Prospect slightly faster. Even the additional two incoming battleships were no threat to my Prospect. Thus I downgraded the fitting. I removed any implants and changed the rigs for their t1 counterparts and it still worked fine.

4. Let’s make real money at real risk 
We had a fresh instrumental site in your new C5. This was the perfect opportunity in order to test my fitting. The beginning was like on the test server. I started to huff the C320 at the opposite site of the gas cloud (AB on of course) to maintain a proper initial distance against the incoming sleepers. When they appeared I quickly got my transversal up and speed tanked them at a range around 50-70 km. The problem comes with returning to the gas cloud. You have to perform three trips á 10 k m³ in a Prospect to get all of the C320 out of the site. The challenge starts in the moment you land back on grid. The sleepers lock on to your ship within just a moment and easily apply severe damage to your ship. Just getting up your transversal is your only way to survive. The 2nd threat is the distance at your re-entrance. The Sleepless Sentinel battleships can web you at a distance of 30 km. It is a crucial point to maintain a larger distance to all of them. You get webbed, neuted and scrammed faster than you could imagine… (like me). Don’t worry about your losses. Each successful trip brings you the money for 3-4 new prospects.

5. The fitting – cheap and efficient
For around 34 mill. ISK your get the Prospect hull and the following fitting:
You can find this fitting on, too.

[Prospect, Gramek Ninja Harvesting]
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Damage Control II
Overdrive Injector System II

Explosive Deflection Amplifier II
Kinetic Deflection Amplifier II
1MN Afterburner II

Gas Cloud Harvester II
Gas Cloud Harvester II
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I

I suggest you to carry a Mobile Depot, a Core Probe Launcher I and 8 Core Scanner Probes I in your cargo. This gives you the possibility to change your fitting and scan some new wormholes - just in case of troubles...

You will receive 22er hits from the phantasmato missiles using this suggested fitting (and my skills). Thus it is prolly possible to take one Shield Power Relay out and use a Warp Core Stabilizer I. This provides the chance to warp off, even when a sleeper already scrammed (they use Disruptors) you. I worked on a similar fitting for the Venture, too. Maybe I will test it later.

6. Avoiding warp-in problems - huffing as a speed tank chain
In order to prevent your ship from getting obliterated by the sleeper BS as you warp back in, you can form some sort of chain with 3 Prospects. The 3rd would approach the 2nd, the 2nd would approach the 1st and the first would have to orbit the cloud. Just keep an eye on you speed. Maybe it is different due to different navigation skill or implants.

Update 05.12.2015 - Removed the Link to battleclinic because the site is going to be shut down at the end of this year (source).


  1. Hey So I tried it! Here is a question... what about scram and neuts? The BS just emptied my capacitor in 1 cycle, and there I was dead.

  2. Hey there, I tried it. It failed miserably as soon as the BS came in. When they got close enough, they neuted me and emptied my cap in 1 cycle. And there I was dead. Could not speed tank anymore nor warp. Died. How do you deal with this?

    1. I have to admit, that the ewar can be very deangerous. As soon as you become webbed (30 km) you are dead. I experienced that on my own, too. The key is to warp to the gas site and then slowboat from the middle of the site behind the large gas cloud. Then you have a suitable distance to the first BS spawn in order to set up an orbit with a stable distance to the sleeper BS. It actually becomes realy difficult when the 2nd wave spawns. Then you have to maintain an above 30 km distance to both BS spawns.

      You can also train this on SiSi, like I did. Another way is do enter the site, slowboat "behind" the gas cloud and cloack up. After the 2nd wave spawned, you can set up you 500 m orbit to the gas cloud and proof your maneuvering skills.

      In the end, when you are able to handle everything, you are orbiting the gas cloud and the sleeper BS try to approach you. But as you speed is slightly higher, it looks like you and the sleeper flying on different sized cycles around the cloud. You fly on the large one and on the inner cycle the sleeper keep approaching you. Achieve this with a distance above 30 km and you can go afk for an hour.

      Yes, this kind of speed tanking ist difficult. But it is worthwhile doing because every full cargo earns you more ISK than your ship cost.

  3. Tried this fit, it took me several attempts to approach and set up the correct orbit, but good gravy, the money train arrived once I had it right. Thank you for this!

    1. It is a very challenging way to earn ISK. I am glad to hear about your success!


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