Samstag, 17. November 2012

Operation Nullsec - one week PvP in 0.0 - Part 2

It could be very boring if there is no task for you within a fleet. At the 2nd fleet of our NullSec pvp week i experienced the most boring pvp minutes in my whole EVE life - But at the end everything became much better.
Motionless in space and waiting for it's destruction: Warfare-Link Loki
The Fleet was already up. I cared about a freighter using the direct HigSec of our C5 - a very event - to bring in as much ice products as possible for our POS Fuel production. When I joined the sniper fleet they couldn't actually need no further steahlt bomber. There where no tasks for me from the FC and with my slow torpedoes I had problems to hit anything before it was already popped by the tier 3 battle cruisers. Big alpha wins :)

My only entertainment was a hostile bomber gang, which focused on throwing bombs at our sniper fleet. During one massive bom launch ervery one could escape, except our Sabre. They destroyed more than one careless pilot. Never say the command "stay aligned" would be useless.

On my way home happend something, that was able to rescue the evening. In one moment in warp to the HighSec gate I was sudden surprisingly 170 km off a Loki in space - "In the middle of nowhere". The Loki wasn't moving and this was so strange, that i made a bookmark and went on my way home. When I reached the HighSec an wanted to dock, the FC and other pilots started to understand what happened (barrier of language and so on) and turned crazy. Because of many questions I decided to go back and check whether the Loki is still there or not. I was sure it wouldn't.

But, surprise surprise, it was still there. So i slow boated 170 km and we made the biggest kill of this fleet.
Killmail of the warfare link Loki

After some additional info via TS I understood was the Loki was doing there. It was a warfare link Loki for fleet boosts and because of the fitting the pilot didn't expected someone would be abble to find him -  total fail.

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