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Davidos vs. little Goliath

Technically, we had intended to recreate our successful Black Ops OP with around a dozen pilots. By the time I'd linked up with the fleet that plan had been scrapped, as our alliance had been asked for help. Also, we weren't the only ones responding.
But first, the initial situation:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks awesome?
A short explanation: Were one to consider Sturmfeuer's WH branch to be a lone wanderer in the wormhole woods, then EKCHU and the alliance we're a part of could be considered to be a pack of stealthy wolves who would tear said wanderer limb from limb in silence and then start howling towards the sky. The invaders in this report would then be akin to the Klingon Honor guard going out to hunt wolves for kicks after a drinking binge.
This Phoenix took part in closing off WH connections
The corp Hard Knocks Inc. was attacked in their home C5. The enemy was the c6 coalistion of No Holes Barred, W-space und K162. At all there where three aliances going to help.

The most important part of any invasion: Wormhole control. Because of this the only access to the target system was unusable. To achieve that, one can reduce the wormhole's remaining mass allowance to a bare minimum and then post a guard on it. This prevents other fleets from jumping through in their entirety.
KILL IT WITH FIRE - our alliance fleet
(click to enlarge)
We ended up choosing a tactic that - while possible on principle - offered little chance of success: Rolling wormhole statics - collapsing wormholes and chain-scanning the next one down in the hope of finding entry into the target system. Three alliances were attempting this at the same time.

At first, Verge of Collapse's fleet and ours linked up with each other. In the meantime, Sleeper Social Club managed to do the impossible.
We have wormhole control!
They in turn created a dynamic entry point nto the target system, managing to pave the way for reinforcements.
The support fleet headed out right away to improve on the balacne of power with an additional 50 ships.
C5 coalition o its way into battle
 Battle report with over 100 billion in destroyed ships.
As a comparison, my ship cost around 50 million ISK.
Who took part in it? Click me!
With this we managed to cause one of the, if not the largest wormhole fight in EvE history.
For those of you wanting to watch the fight while having a relaxed breakfast, there are youtube videos of it:
When I was surfing, I found this video made by our victims. 
An this was: the biggest wh-fight in EVE online ever

Hard Knocks' pilots are better at fighting than making videos.
I have got to show the photographs how to turn off the UI: CTRL+F9

Our alliance killboard               Hard Knock's killboard

There is an article about this on the EVEger forums here.

Another Blag entry concerning this epic fight you can find >here<

PS: The fighting took place beteen 1AM and 4AM German time. nfortunately I had to go to bed while we were still busy rolling the static, but at least I could travel back to my home wormhole with last night's heroes.

PPS: Thanks to my corpmate Sirina for translating my post into a decent english.
Du hast wieder 2 Zeilen übersehen :P

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