Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

I lose, but we win

There are worse things than losing a battle. One can be on the winning side but be the first to get destroyed and end up sitting in a pod, unable to even watch how it plays out.
All alone in w-space and the neighbor system was getting really hot.
The whole year had been rather mediocre up to now. We had arrived in defense of one of Eve University's POCOs at New Year's Eve 129 pilots strong, though not one pilot of Transmission Lost dared enter the system when the reinforcement timer was about to end.

Yesterday we'd spent four hours scouring the infinite vastness of w-space, only managing to kill a Retriever. Today then, we'd found a small and juicy corp: two Dominix, one Raven, two T3 cruisers but either we had too little in the ways of logistics or other things put a wrench in our plans. This meant we'd only be getting a Corcerer piloted by a rookie, which left us unsure whether to laugh or to cry.
Could've saved me – our logi pilots.
Third time did end up being the charm: the corp had just begun running anomalies and we were poised to strike as soon as they would switch back to their expensive T3 cruisers and start killing sleepers – that would've done it, but things turned out very differently...

One of our LFARM colleagues switched TS channels and asked about our state of combat readiness. At that point we were battled completely: T3 cruisers, battlecruisers and anything you could ask for in regards of logistics and EWAR. Thus, our fleet commander gave the order to turn around and support LFARM.
We even got a HD video from the fight, but our victims stopped recording shortly before we defeated them totaly.

Admittedly, that fight ended up being way bigger, but I would not see much of it. After the first few minutes of switching targets I was the first victim in our ranks and ended up missing out on all the excitement while seeking shelter on the other side of the wormhole the fight was going on at in my pod.

19,3 billion ISK destroyed for 3 billion ISK lost

Oh well, at least we have a Ship Replacement Program...
Thanks to Sirinda for translating. 

09.01.2013 - Update
Destroyed ISK updated

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