Samstag, 27. April 2013

At the Fanfest - Pub Crawl with a Dev

Like I already supposed yesterday the EVE Fanfest has an inofficial Highlight. Not the keynotes providing an insight into the future development of EVE, but the Pub Crawl together with CCP Devs is the undisputable Highlight.

Form-up in front of the Harpa Conference Hall
Equipped with a banner every single group (around 22 á 40 people) went out of the Harpa Conference Hall and prepared for the pub crawl. EVE-schnapps glasses where distributed, Brennivín (icelandic vodka) served and the first songs sung. Additionaly we got a can of islandic beer and two stamps for free beer. Now it could start.

German Beer-Squad
One by one pub station was taken under our control. Between the single fleets where no bigger issues, but some capsule pilots thought to play capture the flag. At some point we also missed our banner. Within the "Blond Alien Poodle Lickers" (our group was called so....) we even had a german beer-squad amongst other Lantiane, some people maybe know him from the blogger community.

The first post about Fanfest you can read here: At the Fanfest - part one

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