Freitag, 26. April 2013

At the Fanfest - part one

Every capsule pilot will reach the point, when he has to decide. Carebear or PVPing, to visit the fanfest or not, to eat sheep testicles or rotten shark. Together with our friends from Future Corp. and SCC (Sleeper Social Club) we docked at Viking Village top station to follow the traces of the viking and the icelandic history.

To visit the fanfest is some kind of a decision of general principle. How important is the EVE online game in my own life and am I willed to pay for such a trip? The prices in Reykjavik are, I reveal no secrets, brutal. They are wishing me for an immediately clone jump to bring me back home. Only the taxi ride to Viking Village cost around 35 € - pay with credit card, please.

To sit together with our wormhole friends, to eat rotten shark as well as sheep testicles and become a viking (I got an certificate) is beyond any price (or around 60 € per person). Even when you guess everything in iceland should be as cheap as dirt, because it's iceland and they pay like in EVE Online with ISK, you need a big wallet. Only the burger with pommes I had one hour ago cost 8 €.

Some of my Fanfest goodies
Let's stop with prices - This evening a lot of capsule pilots have "Pub Crawl with a Dev" on their check lists. This special kind of EVE bar-hopping promises to become one of the highlights. Also for every visitor there was exclusive material about World of Darkness the comming MMORPG CCP is working at. And I don't reveal any secret by saying that CCP ist very ambitious. Other highlights where the EVE/DUST tournament with exciting fights and the presentation of Planetary Recources, who are trying to make real, what we are doing for already 10 years - mining ateroids.

When I am back home, I will report in detail.

The next post about the Pub Crawl you can read here: At the Fanfest - Pubcrawl with a Dev

Update - 01.05.2013 
Link and 2nd picture added.

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