Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Shooting friends

We were part of the same glorious wormhole alliance. We fought together. We met each other last year at fanfest. We were at the party at the top of the world. And now - I shot him.
This is the look of a killmail, when you shoot a friend (klick for killmail)

How is the chance to see a pilot from a different country, you once saw in real life, in NullSec in two different fleets? - not that bad.
RAZOR alliance was running it's daily sov-warfare. So we were helping AAA to keep a system. On our way home we clashed with a talwar fleet. The fight should take place at an ingate on our way back home. Our dictors made a great job and so the talwar fleet had only one option - to take the fight. TBH they had now real chance. We had a fleet full of Ishtars and some additional Dominix', which reinforced us a couple of jumps before. Our victims tried their best and abused the immobility of our sentry drones. But when we got assisted by a tengu fleet they had no chances anymore.

How dramaticaly the things in EVE can change.

PS: We had a nice talkt via convo during the fight :)

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