Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

137 jumps and (not) a new home

In the search for a new home I started my journey today in the morning. A C5 with a static C2 connection shall become our new homeland. C5 wh systems have NullSec connections from time to time. So it should be easy to find one making a route of 137 jumps trough 0.0 and checking every single system?!
view from neighbor region at the region "the ring"
Because of arguable honor to be allied with the Goonswarm Federation the NullSec space where I can move freely is amazingly large. So I setup a route constisting of 137 jumps trough the whole north west of the known star systems.

The only real harassment...
...was a Sabre which sat on a gate to intercept pilots like me. When I saw her I took a deep breath, took my wing and activated my cloak module. As I saw she draw nearer to me I noticed the try to decloak me (just come cloaser than 2.500 m) and made a sidestep. In a distance of 3.900 m she flew past me - not that bad.

the most intresting on my way - what kind of cloud is that?
My journey brought me deep into Goonswarm territory, trough Syndicate, where a lot of hostile pilots were hanging around, passing the systems of Sisters of EVE and back to Tenal in the north. Around 8 h travel. I was surprised that it was so fast and much more surprised that I reached the home system of Oberon in my ship and not in a fresh clone.

I found a lot of wormholes, but no single one with a static C2. My first contribution to find a new home in w space is made. Maybe we will buy this time again a wormhole for our corp. Let's see what the future brings... hopefuly me back into my old/new homeland.

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  1. Zieh mit nem Dread, einer Orca und einer Onyx in ein leeres C5 Static C5 (davon müssts viele geben).

    Immer wieder das Static collapsen bis du dein WunschWH hast => tadaa.