Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Operation New Phoenix

Half a year ago Ekchu went into stasis after a lot of trouble. A large group of pilots left the corp because of conflicts with others and due to another corp robbery the dream of becoming a big powerful wormhole corporation was buried. Our pilots spread over whole New Eden, forgetting what they actually are: Wormhole pilots!
Capitals in action
A major group, including me, followed our old CEO to take a rest of wh live. We joined the NullSec corp Oberon Incorporated, a member of the RAZOR Alliance. So we also became part of "The Halloween War". Besides flying a ship as only one pilot of many others, with nearly no identity and nothing to fight for, PvE in NullSec turned out to be much more... boring than in w-space. So a dream of rejoining a wormhole was dreamed every night. First only by a few veterans, but after our old CEO declared to dream the same, our future should change again.

Weeks of searching for a new home passed. I made 137 jumps for (not) a new home. We asked old friends in w-space, looked for C5-C2 offers. Days after days passed during we were dreaming of New Phoenix. A pilot from Sleeper Social Club contacted me and offered me a C5 occupied by a corp of (the old) GoonSwarm. Several days passed and we monitored all their activities with some scouts.
Keeping the static critical there was no way in for hostile reinforcements
The decision made by grandmaster bish: Stat the Eviction Operation!
Caps where brought in, pilots formed under the flag of Ekchuah again. Our forces prepared to fight for our new home.

A whole weekend was planned for sieging the three towers. The carebears didn't even try to defend their towers. And having our allmighty thanny with us, they wouldn't had any chance.

We didn't get that many big kills or amazing loot. But tbh our aim was to claim a new homeland. The operation was a great success. Next steps will be carebearing to get some money to make our new Ekchu running and of course PvP. The C2 connections should be able to offer us lots of decent piew piew possibilities.

Thanks to all old and new Ekchu pilots who make my dream of rejoining w-space become true.
POS under siege - pure pleasure for the allmighty thanny
by the way
The capitals of the former habitants managed to escape using a NullSec connection. We just hadn't enough pilots to engage them.


  1. Na endlich bist Du wieder im WH. Dein NullSec Ausflug kam mir irgendwie komisch vor. ;-) Willkommen zurück!

    1. Hallo Astrum,
      danke für Dein Kommentar. Einen bekannten Namen im eigenen Blog zu lesen, ist imer etwas schhönes.Ich glaube, man hat recht gut rausgelesen, dass das NullSec nicht die Erfüllung meiner Träume ist. Ein paar Beiträge über unser neues Wurmloch sind schon in Arbeit.