100m+ ISK/hour with Mission Blitzing

Level 4 mission running is one of the most common carebear activities in New Eden. I never expected to earn so much ISK with it. I show you the best missions for blitzing and give you some advice regarding blitzing and fittings.
My favourite ship for mission running - The Tengu
This article deals with level 4 mission blitzing. Thus I don't mention mission with great bounty income or burner mission. Even if they are antoher way to earn good ISK.
Once upon a time I had an interview with Ramon (I still owe you the podcast) about mission running.
He explained me how he can easily make more than 120m ISK per hour with running level 4 missions in his Vargur. That was the motivation for me to find out what I can earn with level 4 mission.

Why shall I blitz missions?
You can blitz the most mission even with quite low skill points. Who is not able to field a ship with 1'000+ dps or just like short missions, should consider mission blitzing. Did I already said 100m+ ISK/hour?

How does blitzing works?
If you wonna blitz a mission, you focus on the mission objectives and avoid unnesccessary rat killing. Your aim is to finish the missions as fast as possible, not grinding for bounties. The income consists mainly of loyality points an mission rewards. You consequently decline unlucrative mission. But you must keep in mind that your faction standing shall not drop below 5.0 and your corp standing -2.0. Otherwise you will not be able to get missions anymore. The standing notification in the agent window is missleading an shouldn't be respected by you.
You can find an overview of all lvl 4 missions and a couple storyline missionen here: ISK/h lvl 4 missions
L+S means Loot and Salvage; R+B means Reward and Bonus
LP-to-ISK ratio: 1 to 2'000
How much can I earn in detail?
I carried out some data mining for you. You need negotiation and security connections V, in order to get the maximum out of your missions. Missions in systems with low security status (means: 0.5) are more lucrative, because you will get the maximum LP reward in these systems. Furthermore you need to check the LP-store, of the corp you wonna work for, for items with a good LP-to-ISK ratio.

Many missions are easily blitz'able with a Tengu. Missions with high bounties show a lower value, because of my non-perfect skills (aka dps monster). I especially like the "Dread Pilot Scarlet". If you are able to kill her in the next to last pocket, she will drop an additional implant. That safes time, gives bonus ISK and turns the mission into one of my favourites.

Pro Synergy and salvaging
All numbers regarding loot and salvage are taken from Pro Synergy rewards of these missions. In each mission with a "0" under L+S it is not worth taking the effort. You can contract mission bookmarks to Pro Synergy an get 45 % of the estimated price. It Doesn't sound that much, but with regard to the minimal time you spend, it is a great bonus income. PS also provides further support like intel about ganker, LP-buyer, fittings etc. Fot the fact that you can not 100% count on their service, I didn't included the L+S values into the ISK/hour.

It is possible to blitz level 4 missions and achieve an income above 100m ISK/hour. Therefore you don't need perfect skills (in terms of dps or tank), but you have to take care about your standings. I suggest you to make an own little spreadsheet (in space) for your own mission specific ISK/hour values.

Update - 16.06.2016 - Minor Mistakes; Did I mention the fitting I use? Level 4 Mission Tengu


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