You have my sword - praise Ekchuah!

A hostile corp attacked our POCOs and deployed a raitaru, but this wormhole belongs to us - even if no one is living in it.
If Ekchuah is threatened, the own inactivity becomes a minor matter. (exploding raitaru in background)
Ekchuah is the corporation, which shaped my life in New Eden. In her zenith she was on par with Sleeper Social Club and Hard K(n)ocks, but this time is ancient history.

We where somehow always ready to strike. The voicechat swichted from teamspeak and mumble to discord an there where all neccesary tools available for our life in Anoikis. A couple of month ago we moved into a C2 with static HighSec connectivity - as a former C5 wormhole corp. That somehow hurts. I rapidly lost my motivation to life in that "new" wormhole. A lack of time and that awkward silence in the wormhole, if you are alone and actually must scan everything in order to be able to do anything. Using the static high just results in losing the way back, because there often is no one who could scan you a way back into home. There where no fleets and the only activity was off topic chat on discord.

Just a threat and the veterans came back
There was always something special among these pilots. An unvisible connection linking each other regardless of being an active player or nor and even beyond being member of this corporation. It is hard to describe and I have never seen something similar in any other game. A special unity thats is ready to pull everyone together again, if the CEO is only asking for us to join the fleet. And that is what happened.

A hostile raitaru and some attacked POCOs later the fleet was up. We meet up at voicechat and waited for the raitaru to come out of reinforce. We were encouraged to purge our home from foreign influence. Then something happend, what we were actually prepared, but surprised us, nevertheless. In the past we were on the other site of this engagement.

As a result of lacking time and pilots, we didn't close our wormhole connections. That led to a well prepared hostile fleet attacking us. Nothing realy happened to us, besides an unrelevant loss. But the feeling was different. Neither we got the raitaru kill nor the megathrons dropping from it. They simply shoot it.

A recovered silence remained in our little wormhole and the feeling to moved into the wrong direction of the food chain. One could be sad about the descend in the last years. But one thing will never able to beat aus - our supposed inactivity.

Praise Ekchuah!


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